2018-11-29 15:13:25来自东部非洲分会

   More than 30 Chinese and foreign employees of Smart Cargo Tanzania branch took part in a local MARATHON, the ROTARY DAR MARATHON,on 14th,Oct.

    We can see that the life of staff abroad is also rich and colorful. 

    After work, enjoying the pure air in Africa, feeling the heart beating while running, and measuring Tanzania's land with footsteps, will all these make you yearn for it?

                      ▼ ROTARY DAR                         


Let's take a look at the legendary Tanzania blue.

And look at the heroic posture of our partners.

Congratulations to manager Lu on his success in running the Full Marathon.


   One of our colleague in Tanzania told us that------

  "Everyone got up at five or six o'clock and we were very excited even with the scotching sun.Walking with more than 8,000 people running all the way was an excitement diluted the physical fatigue. Running a marathon is very tiring, sweating, but we were all happy and comfortable and completed our own race.It is exciting to achieve a goal through persistent adherence!"

    It can be seen from the picture that it is exciting and happy for the Tanzanian partners to take part in this marathon.The reason for happiness is not only because exercise produces dopamine, but also because of the sense of accomplishment that comes from  finishing the game with partners.

    Haruki Murakami said that" our life is also a marathon, the finish line is just a mark, in fact, it is no meaning, the most important is how you run this way."

   Hope that all the friends on the road of smart cargo can run their life marathon well:

   When you are tired, slow down and look at the scenery along the way.When you want to give up, turn around and look at all the companions along the way.

   Let’s learn from each other and encourage each other to become finer people!

   Finally,wishing everything goes well with our overseas partners’ work and life!





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