WIFFAC Welcome Reception




2021 the 10th World International Freight Forwarders Annual Convention

Highlights in WIFFAC:
  • Focus on international freight forwarding industry.
  • The forum and the exhibition will take place both at Dalian International Conference Center simultaneously.
  • The guests are from the length and breath of inland China and the whole industry chain.


The 6th Cargo Freight Fair (CFF)

CFF-Cargo Freight Fair is the world’s first international exhibition in the theme of international freight forwarding service, which has been successfully held for 5 times since the year 2011. In the coming CFF there will be more than 200 exhibitors and 5000 participants from freight forwarding companies, logistic companies, ship-owners, shippers, representatives from parks, technology a...


WIFFAC Banquet Oct. 26, 2021

  • The Night of Dalian Banquet
  • Time: 18:00-22:00
  • 1. Warm-up Reception in the lobby with music performance, WIFFA Red Wine taste, business card exchange.
  • 2. Admission for entry, red carpet in the hall way, take picture with WIFFA mascot.

WIFFAC Welcome Reception Oct. 25, 2021

  • 1. Venue: Dalian Fuli Hilton Hotel, Chinese and Western Buffet, with Red wine, fruit juice and beverages.
  • Time: 18:00 admission by tickets ( USD20/person please book the ticket in advance)


Theme of the Convention: Changes and Opportunities

WIFFAC-WIFFA Annual Convention is one of the most influential networking events in the logistic industry in China, now the 10th WIFFAC is upcoming on Oct.25th-27th,2021 in China’s most beautiful coastal city-Dalian.

The main theme of the convention is: Changes and Opportunities, highlighting the topics of Changes, challenges, strategies and opportunities discussion for the international shipping industry in the post outbreak era.

There will be about 5000 executives, professionals, experts from inland China and all over the world participating this grand meeting. The 29 port branches, 18 overseas branches, 27 dedicated branches and more than 1100 WIFFA members from 110 inland cities of China will show up in the conference.

In the era of big data, the technology innovation is placed at the center of the strategic development of China. WIFFA is building the platform of “Internet plus freight forwarder” with the technology of blockchain and big data to develop a new ecosystem, new mode and new efficiency in the international shipping industry, for the booming of China logistics industry.

Attending WIFFAC is undoubtedly the most productive way to boost your revenue, extend your market and set up long-lasting relationships. We are looking forward to meeting you in the beautiful city-Dalian!

Date: Oct.25th-27th,2021

Venue: Dalian International Conference Center, China (main venue of Summer Davos)


  • Changes
    Changes and opportunities in the post outbreak era.
  • Analysiz
    Analysis on the Charter, container charter, mutual insurance financing, overseas agencies.
  • Opportunities
    Favorable policies and opportunities for shipping industries in “The Fourteenth Five ”period.
  • Business opportunities
    Opportunities and challenges for the logistic of Cross-boarder E commerce
  • Alliance
    Building of international freight forwarder alliance interest group.


MODE the convention and exhibition will take place both in Dalian International Center, online and offline simultaneously.
SCALE 5000 people
  • 1. Shipowner company
  • 2. Air freight company
  • 3. Railway company
  • 4. Trucking company
  • 5. Large scale logistics
  • 6. Foreign trade company
  • 7. Port and Park
  • 8. Platform; technology
  • 9. Insurance; finance
  • 10. Overseas company
  • China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
  • ShippingChina
  • China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing International Freight Forwarding Branch
  • World International Freight Forwarder Alliance (WIFFA)
International support
  • French liort Authority Le Harve
  • liort of Netherland
  • Gdansk liory
  • Central Asia International Federation of Logistics and Chambers of Commerce
Support units
  • Dalian Municilial Bureau of Commerce
  • Dalian Free Trade Zone
  • Dalian liort Office
  • Dalian Zhongshan Dist. Government
  • Dalian Municilial Trade liromotion Association
  • China Customs Association
  • China Storage and Distribution Association
  • China E-Commerce Association Alliance
  • Central Asia Regional Economic Coolieration Carriers and Freight Forwarders Association
Media support
  • CCTV, Xinhua News Agency
  • China Economic Times
  • Guangming Daily
  • Economic Daily
  • China Business Times
  • Liaoning Tv
  • China Daily
  • Liaoning Daily
  • China News Agency
  • China Net
  • Sina
  • Economic Daily
  • Hong Kong Gazette
  • Wen Hui
  • China Ocean Shililiing Magazine
  • Dalian Radio News Channel
  • China Business Times
  • Dalian Daily
  • Dalian Evening News
  • lieninsula Morning liost
  • Tianjian.com
  • Dalian liublishing
  • Dalian New Youth

Exhibition Service Center

  • Lucy Bee

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  • Email:wiffa3@shippingchina.com
  • Wiffa@wiffaorg.Net
  • WeChat: Huifeihaige
  • Angel Lee

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  • Email:Wiffa4@shippingchina.Net
  • WeChat:Haiyunzhushou03
  • Candy Zhang

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  • WeChat: wiffa001
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