Family reunion of one thousand forwarders in Hangzhou

2017 the 6th International Freight Forwarder Alliance Convention (WIFFA annual conference) and 2017 the 2nd International Freight Connection (IFCC 2nd ) were held successfully held in Hangzhou, November 16 – 17, 2017, 1157 worldwide entrepreneurs and senior managers of international freight forwarder and relevant attended the “Forwarders Events”.。
The events were co-hosted by World International Freight Forwarder Alliance and Shippingchina Company Limited, it was the WIFFA family reunion, and also a grand meeting of international freight forwarders.
Mr. Kang Shuchun (Director General of WIFFA) announced 5 planning of WIFFA during the convention:
1. Improve and perfect WIFFA organizational structure: set up WIFFA special coalitions and oversea branches.
2. Develop the 3 Online Business Platforms: WIFFA Online Space Booking, WIFFA “Clumsy Birds” Online Cargo Taxi Platform, WIFFA imported wine cross-border e-commerce platform.
3. “WIFFA Headquarters Economy” central platform will be registered at Logistics Park: WIFFA Headquarter will be registered at Logistics Park, it will be supported by governmental policy. This pattern will provide the services of Headquarters Taxation, Headquarters Financing, Headquarter documentation center, etc.
4. WIFFA will commence on commercialized operation: WIFFA will adopt the pattern of “founders + crowdfunding + platforms” to incorporate China Freight Forwarders Benefits Allied Company Group, the principal is to provide the services to China freight forwarders and facilitate their business transactions with oversea markets.
5. Organize more WIFFA business activities: WIFFA will continue to host IFCC Exhibition, overseas expanding to OBOR countries, special coalition cooperation & communication seminars.